Adventures in Diapering

I’ve been using Pampers pretty much since my Gator Noodle came into this world.  That’s what they gave me at the hospital, and that’s what I stuck with.  He was never small enough to wear anything in a newborn size, so they gave me a pack of size 1 Pampers Swaddlers.  I had to fold them down because, at that time, only the newborn size had the bellybutton notch in the waistband.

I loved how soft they were, and I also really liked the color change when they got wet.  As a new mom, I hadn’t yet had enough time to really know how to tell the difference between a dry and wet quality diaper by feeling the outside. It felt dry on the outside.  It was pretty absorbent inside, too, so he felt dry when I opened it.  It wasn’t until later that I could tell by pinching the outside of the diaper if it was a squishy (wet) or a solid (dry) situation.  It was also nice to be able to peek  and do a quick visual check when walking by the bassinet so I’d know if I needed to get the changing pad out before picking him up.

When my son was about 2 months old, a friend of mine brought me a pack of Parent’s Choice diapers to try.  I had already been using Parent’s Choice formula, and I knew I loved it, so I figured why not?  Oh, I figured out exactly why not later.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m sure plenty of people have used Parent’s Choice diapers and loved them.  I wanted to, but I just couldn’t do it, not after experiencing the luxury that is a Pampers Swaddler.  The Parent’s Choice diaper felt more plastic on the outside, and my son’s little bum stayed bright red where the diaper touched.  I don’t think that the Parent’s Choice diaper was to blame specifically; just that something in it irritated my son’s skin.  That’s not a defect in the diaper.  It’s just a sensitivity in my son.

I tried Pampers Baby Dry when he was around 7 months old.  I liked the lower price and the diaper well enough, but I noticed that it sagged a bit more and would sometimes leak around the legs.  The diaper itself was quite absorbent, but I noticed that as my son crawled and climbed around more, the diaper would shift around and liquid would leak out before it had a chance to be absorbed.  I really preferred the flexible fit of the Pampers Cruisers, so I finished out that box and went back.

It had been well over a year since then, and times were a little tight on the pocketbook, so I decided I’d try to see if I could find a less expensive diaper that suited my needs.

You can find the article detailing the differences in the diapers I tested here.


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